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Testing mobile blogging

Just installed wordpress for android. I may acutally blog more now 🙂  I’m at dad and Val’s and I found this in the freezer.  Interesting ,no? Advertisements

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Hey, Did You Miss Me?

Yep. I’m back.  Hoping to fill you (all 4 of you) on my tri training, books and life in general ASAP.  So what’s new?  Leave me a comment and let me know how you are doing. more later…err soon, I … Continue reading

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The Ceiling is Falling!

I’m in Little Rock, AR visiting my college roommate and while it’s been fairly uneventful, there was one incident on my first night in town that must be documented here for the world to read (or at least my 5 … Continue reading

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Chicago Triathlon 2010

Last Sunday I volunteered at the Chicago Triathlon. It was incredible.  I have a few pictures to post, but since I was actually working the event, I couldn’t take too many.  I had to be there at 6am when the … Continue reading

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Waking Up in the Closet and Other Night Episodes

Catchy title, right?  Sounds like it could the basis of a cool short story collection, but nope, this is the saga of  my love/hate relationship with SLEEP.  I’m not exactly sure how or when my sleeping problems began, but I … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – Then and Now

1983                                                          2010

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Current Reads – mid July 2010

I’m belatedly finshing up Janssen’s recommendation for June, which was These is My Words and so far, I’m really enjoying it. I took a small break to hit the library and stocked up on a few books for this week.  I … Continue reading

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