Homemade Tortilla Chips

Ok, ok, technically they aren’t homemade because I didn’t make the corn tortillas, but that may be coming sooner rather than later.  I did however bake these and season them so deliciously that I will most likely never purchase a bag of tortilla chips again. Unless there is a “tortilla chip” emergency and well, I’m sure there would be worse things that could happen.

I’ve made these a few times and the only thing that will make a difference is the thickness of the tortilla itself.  This couldn’t be easier and you can make them a day or two ahead and store in an airtight baggie.

This batch was ONE package of corn tortillas which cost about $1.00. (plus the oil, salt and lime I already had)

Brush one corn tortilla with a small and I mean, small! amount of vegetable oil on both sides.  You don’t need a lot.









Layer another tortilla on that one and brush the top with oil. You don’t have to brush the bottom because the one below it will transfer the oil.

Continue laying another 3 or 4 tortillas. I use half the package , about 6 tortillas per cookie sheet.









First cut in half, and then in thirds or quarters if you want skinnier chips.  I love this part because they do not come out looking perfect. They are different sizes and sometimes (whoops!) even different shapes.










Spread them out on a cookie sheet, trying not to overlap them. I didn’t spray the cookie sheet, but you could lay down parchment paper if you wanted even easier clean up.

Bake at 450 degrees for about 11-14 minutes.  This depends on the thickness of the tortilla. My first batches took 11 minutes and burned in 12. This batch took almost 15.  Just keep an eye on them.










This was one package of corn tortillas (minus the few chips I had to “taste” for quality control)

As soon as they come out, squeeze fresh lime juice over them and sprinkle with salt.  You could salt them before they cook too, if you like them saltier.  You can eat them warm or let them cool completely and store in an airtight baggie.  They should last a few days, if you can stop eating them.

mmm extreme chip closeup!










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