Triathlon Updates – 9/9/2010

I’ve been focusing on swimming for the past week. I actually got in the pool three times in the last 8 days.  I’m slowly working on building my endurance. Each day I add one more lap.  Right now, I’m at 8 laps which is 16 lengths.  I am LOVING every minute of being in the pool. It’s quiet and cool and surprisingly relaxing.  I even worked on my flip turns yesterday.  (Wow, a lot harder than I remember. I was dizzy after doing a few)

Here’s a picture of the pool where I swim.


An “after swim” picture…chlorine filled hair and all


I sorta fell off the running wagon because I’ve had some pain in my knee (mostly when I bend it or walk up/down stairs) and pain in my heel on the same leg.  I do need to get back on track if I’m going to do the Halloween and Thanksgiving 5ks.

I still need to get a bike because we’re heading into perfect bike riding weather and I want to take advantage of it!

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