Triathlon Updates – August 12, 2010

This will be short because I didn’t do much this week. I was out of town relaxing before school starts for a few days. I brought my shoes to possibly run on the treadmill at the hotel, but when I went to look at the fitness room, it scared me and I decided against it. It wasn’t very clean and it a pretty secluded part of the hotel.  Comfort level was not there.

Then I (briefly) thought about running outside until I realized it was going to be 98 degrees the whole time.  No thanks.  On a positive note, I did a lot of walking on Monday and Tuesday, so I don’t feel like a total slug.

Running: Back on track this week if I’m going to make my mini goal of a Halloween 5k.
Swimming: still working on making the limited availability of the open lanes work with my schedule.
Biking: No progress on acquiring a bike, so I’ll tackle that this weekend.

I still have to to publish my shoe post!

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