Triathlon Updates – 8/5/2010

I kinda sorta forgot about updating this the past two weeks.  Hey, I’ve been busy.

I finally got running shoes (post is almost done, look for it tomorrow) and that’s made a difference in the overall health of my feet, but I’ve had a slight setback with the running. I’m back down to four sets instead of 5. I’ve had a bit of shin pain this week, so I’m just slowing down a bit. It could be the fact that I’m actually running in shoes that fit, but it’s taking a little getting used to. I’m trying to break them in and have been wearing them to school to loosen up a bit.

In other news, I’ve decided to do the Chicago Triathlon next year (August 2011) so that goal is firmly in my mind. If I can do a sprint distance triathlon earlier in the summer, that would be terrific.

  • Running – 2 days this week (been back at school, so I’ve been exhausted) That’s no  excuse, I know, but I have to figure out how to mesh my workouts with the, you know, real world.
  • Biking – didn’t get to it this week — tomorrow (Friday) is my goal
  • Swimming – haven’t had time and the pool schedule isn’t exactly matching up with mine. I need to work on that situation.

Thanks for all the supportive messages, people. I really do appreciate all the kind words, and they are keeping me motivated when I want to just rest on the couch.

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3 Responses to Triathlon Updates – 8/5/2010

  1. The shin pain is normal sort of. Stretch and BE CAREFUL you might be doing too much too fast.

    I want to swim but still won’t put my head in the water LOL

  2. C says:

    Thanks Kim, I am not afraid of slowing it down. I have no desire to hurt myself. It’s all about the baby steps. As long as I’m happy with what I accomplish each day, I’m making progress. Thanks for all your encouragement 🙂

    We’ll have to work on the swimming…you will need to do that part in order to Triathlon with me in August 2011. You did say you’d do it,right? I didn’t imagine that, did I? 🙂

  3. Kim D. says:

    Might be the start of shin splints. Yep a lot of stretching and ice immediately after until numb. I am working on running the Turkey Trot 5K again in November. You could always join me. It is a great one with a relaxed atmospere.

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