What Should I Read? June 2010

In an effort to get move people involved in my book discussions (and reading my blog)  I’m borrowing an idea from Janssen at Everyday Reading (whom I don’t really know…I just think I do because I read her blog all the time and then I read this too because I am a curious person.)  She has another blog that she writes with her mother and sister but it’s a finance/thrifty themed one.

Anyway, each month I’m going to take suggestions on what I should read for that month.  I’ll choose a random comment and if I haven’t already read the book, that’s the one I’ll pick. If I have read it, I’ll pick another one.  I’ll read the book and report back to the Interwebs what I thought about it.  When you make your suggestion, please leave your email or blog so that I can contact you if I have to discuss your suggestion.

The titles can be for children or adults, picture book or chapter book, classics,  fluff, mystery, whatever you’d like.  I will say that I’d prefer not to read too much technical nonfiction, so please make that consideration. I will say that if you make a good enough case for your book, I will give it a try.

Here’s Janssen’s original post, the one that inspired this reading movement.  I promise not to steal all her ideas (Even though I’ve already used two of them on my blog. I did ask permission to borrow this one!)

It’s probably not the best time to mention that I’ll be out of town most of June, but I’ll do my best to read the selection. I’m helping my friend Jen from JenTastic move from one base to another while her husband is still deployed in Iraq.  She’s moving halfway across the country with just her three kids, it’s the least I could do. Plus she’s great company. I just wish she’d finish reading The Hunger Games so we can discuss it.

To my few loyal readers (that’s you Val, Jen, Lillian, Kim and the person in China who keeps visiting my blog) it’s time for you to make your suggestions!


Happy reading!

P.S. This is totally not book or reading related but GOOOO CELTICS!!!  NBA Finals 2010 here we come!

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1 Response to What Should I Read? June 2010

  1. Janssen says:

    These is My Words is SO so terrific. Definitely worth reading.

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