House Party

About a year ago my sister got me started with House Party.  You sign up and apply to host parties at your home for various products, movies, tv shows, etc.  I’ve been doing mostly food ones, but my sister has done them for hair color, shampoo, toys and even a car! (and she doesn’t even drive!!)  The way it works is that you create an account and then you get notified of different parties that are scheduled. You apply for them and if you are chosen you are sent a party pack, which contains all sorts of goodies for you to use at your party.  You do have to invite people, take photos or video and post it on, but it’s all free.  Free!  And the party packages are completely outrageous.

My first one was for Werther’s caramel chocolates and I came home to…..

A giant box filled with 27!!!! pounds of chocolates, post it notes, and a blanket.  The chocolates were milk and dark chocolate with caramel swirls. I had 87 bags of them.  Way more than I needed for my party, so I took them to school and passed them out.  Boy, was I popular that week. 🙂

Copious amounts of chocolate!

I’ve also done a Ziploc storage party.

Some party pics:

Having a little fun with the large storage bags, obviously not a recommended use.

I did a Wii Fitness game paired with Jell-O Mouse Temptations pudding. I got a Wii game that came with a web cam.  The game scans your body and puts you  in a split screen so you can exercise with “Jenny McCarthy” (She was kind of annoying and not just because of the no vaccine thing).  We tried the game, well my friend Andrea did.  The rest of us just watched her exercise while we ate our (free — coupons!) pudding.  The game wasn’t great because it had tracking issues and the pudding had a strange texture, but I had a great time with my friends.   I did get another free game with this party pack as a bonus, it was a Dance game where you have to match the people on the screen.  We did have fun with that, even if I have no rhythm.

I promised Andrea I wouldn’t post photos of her exercising, but here she is with Kim, trying to feed Billy a Jell-O Mousse pudding cup.  Again, not a recommended use. 🙂

The most recent one I got was today! It’s for Ball canning jars and it’s the best one yet!  I got a huge pot for canning things along with coupons and all the tools I’ll need to do it.  My friends will be bringing over strawberries and we’ll be making  strawberry jam.

I haven’t unpacked the box yet, but here pictures of the items that are in it.
Waterbath Canner

Utensil set

Ball® Canning Discovery Kit

Plus coupons for 4 FREE cases of canning jars for my party AND 150 (yes, 150) coupons for my guests to take home, along with nice cloth  bags.  I will post photos when I have the party.

So if you’re up for trying some new products, House Party might be for you.  I apply for something every week, but only get picked once every few months.  It just depends.  You do have to post photos, use their Party Central manager to send out emails and invites, and you also have to do some follow up surveys (so do guests), but it’s a great way to try new products for free.

Try it!

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