Yardwork Spring 2010

So do you remember that post I wrote last year about working on some projects in my yard?  Remember, I showed you this picture?

Well, this is what my yard looked like this morning. (minus all the grass, which we killed last year with copious amounts of weed killer – you can tell someone went a little crazy with the spray bottle and killed some of the lawn, too)

No, you’re not missing something…I didn’t do diddily squat with my yard in the past year, but after 3 hours of work today, this is what that little section (not so little, it was 18X2) looks like now…….

TaaaaDaaa!!  It’s amazing how one project can make you feel so much better about the state of your yard.  We pulled up all the dead branches, replaced the gross wooden border planks with new concrete edging and removed some of the rocks. I was going to take out all of the rocks until I realized how many of them we had and how heavy they are.  There are now three layers of landscaping, but we’re only responsible for this layer. I didn’t know there was one underneath until we had half of this done. Instead, we just added another layer of weed cover and put down some rubber mulch, which I love! It was about twice the price as the cedar mulch we used in the front of the house, but it’s supposed to keep  it’s color for 12 years.  We’ve already added 10 additional bags of mulch in the front over the past two years, easily equaling what we spent today.  We’ll see how it holds up.  I like the idea of using something recycled, too and I’m hoping the strong rubber smell will dissipate with time.

I still have to figure out what I’m planting in those pots (there will be one more). I was thinking about roses, but I’ve heard they are temperamental and I don’t have a great track record.  I think I may just put some begonias or lilies or even some geraniums.

Off to rest my sore arms and plan my container garden.  I’m open to any plant suggestions, but the area gets mostly full sun and I need plants that are hardy.

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