Cookbook Dreams

Like I don’t already have enough to do between teaching, grad school and keeping my life in order, but yes I’m adding an ambitious project to do my To Do list. I’m going to write a cookbook. Yes, a cookbook. Not for sale (though that is a nice dream) but as a way to collect and organize my favorite recipes, and because someday it will make a terrific holiday gift. 🙂

I have no deadline other than in December 2010 I’d like to be able to honestly say I’ve worked on it all year. I’m planning on taking all the photos myself (with Jose’s help) and doing all the recipe testing and organizing. I’ll include all the recipes we love, but I’d love to include some family recipes or friends’ recipes. Please send me an email if you have a recipe you’d like to see in my book (oh that sounds so exciting!!). I’d love for you to cook it with me when I take the photos. You can share your memories and reasons for loving the dish. I don’t care if it’s a really simple recipe or something complex or if it’s a recipe that belongs to someone else, we’ll  give them credit.

I’m looking forward to documenting our favorite recipes, doing something creative and taking photos of food (something you all know I LOVE to do). I’m really excited about collaborating with my friends and family on this project and can’t wait to get started.

I will be documenting my progress, including successes and failures here, which will make for some interesting reading.  I may need a nudge here and there if I fall off track. I will continue to post recipes in the recipe log, because those are most likely going to end up in the book.

Happy cooking!

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3 Responses to Cookbook Dreams

  1. Here’s my submission:
    Remove frozen meal from box.
    Punch hole in plastic.
    Place in magic cooking box for time indicated on box.
    After magic cooking box beeps, remove meal.
    Remove plastic cover without causing third degree burns.
    Enjoy (in theory).

    Seriously though this actually sounds like a great idea. I might copy this idea! With the kids. I think it would be fun for us to put together a cookbook with pictures of them helping…well, Jake helping, Abby playing with utensils.

  2. oooh look how tiny my head is.

  3. TamaraCG says:

    This is an amazing idea! Looking forward to watching the process!

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