Bienmesabe – Puerto Rican Dessert

It’s the week of Puerto Rican desserts because I have a great one for you today.  It’s called Bienmesabe (This tastes good) and it’s an old traditional Puerto Rican dessert and it’s not readily available on restaurant menus, but if any up and coming pastry chefs want to add a sure fire dessert to their menu, this is the way to go.

This dessert quickly made it to my top 10 dessert list and if you know me, that’s quite the feat.  This is another simple recipe. I haven’t made it myself, but I will be making it soon.  (Very possibly for my brother’s birthday cake, so I hope he’s not reading this right now!) My mother-in-law whipped this up yesterday and we had it last night and the rest of it tonight. I’m just going to show the preparation of the dessert we had, not the making of it right now. I’ll do that at home when I make it for myself.

It’s made from cream of coconut and egg yolks cooked together to make a coconut curd.  Then you can either pour it over a poundcake or homemade cake while it’s warm and it will soak in, ala tres leches style OR you can chill the curd and spoon it over cake more like a pudding.  Serve with whipped cream and you’re done.

Arrange poundcake in dessert bowl

Drizzle brandy or other liquor over the poundcake

Pour the coconut curd over the poundcake

Add whipped cream

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3 Responses to Bienmesabe – Puerto Rican Dessert

  1. I think I like Puerto Rico….brandy and rum in their desserts?


  2. Hmmm..that is so yummmmy! In deed, Puerto Rican Desserts have been one of the best tasting that makes my mouth crazy!

  3. Gema says:

    You mention egg yolks and coconut cream to make BienMeSabe but you do not mention any quantities at all??? How many egg yolks per cans of Coconut Cream????
    Can anyone help?? I really want to make this dessert asap!!

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