White Elephant Gift

My annual work holiday party was a few weeks ago (yes, I know I’m very late in getting this posted.) I’m not going to talk about what happened there, because what happens at work parties, stays at work parties, until the person with the camera decides otherwise. 😛  Seriously, all I’m going to talk about is the White Elephant portion of the evening, which for me is always the most fun.  (well, technically my friend, Andrea and I went to see New Moon after the party and that was a lot of fun too, but that’s a different post)

So some background on this White Elephant thing. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s when you find some interesting piece of crap (usually) that you no longer want and you wrap it up and bring it to share with someone else.  Last year, I gave away a glass rooster filled with red chili oil.  Technically, it belonged to Jose, but it had been sitting on a shelf for about a million years and there’s no way in hell it was ever going to be placed in my kitchen. Last year, my friend Karen brought the hit of the party. It was a four sided planter that had multicultural faces represented on each side. Doesn’t everyone one want a four-headed planter for their garden?  She found it at the Goodwill store.  She got another beauty this year and it was also a big success.  Someone got a hospital urine bottle (for when you can’t get out of the bed)  A Snuggie was also a big hit. I brought a Furby(remember those???) and I was so excited for someone to get it. (Too bad it didn’t work. I mean, it WAS in a box since 1998.)

The gift I came home with was very creative. It had 8 things in the bag and I had to open each one in order.  Check out the photos below.

Happy gifting 🙂

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