Return to the gym!

After a very long hiatus (January, some time I think) I made it back to the gym today.  I tried to make it last week, but had some appointments on my calendar that I forgot about.  I really need to get some sort of planner instead of the scraps of paper that litter my purse. (Blackberry Curve -available in red, I hear you calling me…but you must wait until August 1 so I can get the most of my upgrade option, tho I think if someone in my house who isn’t me has his way, I’ll be getting a PalmPre)

Back to my gym renaissance…after teaching summer school today, I had a killer headache and hadn’t eaten lunch, so I knew I wouldn’t be in any shape to work out.  Instead, I called Jose and asked if he wanted to go to the gym tonight.  After moments of shocked silence and a lot of me saying “hello…are you there??” he said, “SURE!!!”  ok, not with that much enthusiasm, but you get the picture.

I did my usual…stationary bike for 30 minutes. I did a moderate pace, variable setting and I didn’t have to stop once!  woohoo!  It was hot in there and my left earbud kept falling out (damn you small ears!!!) but I manged to stay focused, courtesy of last week’s Star magazine.  Why is it OK to read trash when working out?  Do the benefits of a workout negate the brain-turning-to-mush powers of tabloid publications?

Surprisingly, I felt great after the workout and I’m actually looking forward to my next workout on Wednesday.  Which again will be an evening workout because I have to do some work at school in my library on Weds/Thursday after summer school, but that’s ok.  I won’t be going back in this summer and want to get a few jobs done for the fall.  So Wednesday I will bike again and Thursday I will be swimming.  The pool looked so inviting today after my workout, but I didn’t have time to swim and bike today.

I should change the channel on the TV.  I am watching Unwrapped on the Food Network and seeing pink Hostess snoballs whizzing past. Instead of reaching for the bag of gummy bears my sister gave me, I am going to make a strawberry smoothie with fresh strawberries, yogurt and 2% milk.  I need to start cutting back to lowfat millk, and I can drink 1%, but I get milk from a local dairy and they don’t make 1%.  I really like their milk.  I used to voluntarily drink skim milk, but now the thought of it is not appealing in any way.  I do like ice in my milk, but I drink it quickly so it doesn’t get all watery.

alright, i can tell from my above paragraph that it’s time to stop blogging for the night.  I’m not doing a good job of focusing so I will go make my smoothie and then go tackle my gigantic reading list.  Ahhhh. I love summer vacation!!

San Francisco updates in my next post!

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  1. cool post made me think:)

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