Backyard Before – Part 1

It’s Spring, which means it’s time to start clearing out all the dead things in my yard that have collected there since last summer.  This includes the cigarette butt collection from my Deck Goose courtesy of You Know Who (and I don’t mean Voldemort)


I get really overwhelmed by yard projects, perhaps it stems from having to do yard work as punishment when I was a kid.  (Imagine raking a front yard with 11 giant trees every weekend in the Fall.  It would make even a strong adult sob like a baby) I just don’t like digging in the dirt all that much either and I don’t have the patience to weed or prune or whatever else it is people do with their yards.  I like arranging planters and putting flowers in pots, but that’s about the extent of my yard interest.  I don’t like bugs.  Or worms. Or caterpillars. Or dead birds.

This year, I decided I would take a different approach in dealing with the wilderness that is my backyard.  I would divide it in sections and concentrate on fixing up one section at at time. This way I am tackling a “do-able” project instead of overwhelming myself with the amount of work that needs to be done.  Doesn’t that sound like a smart, effective plan?  I’m taking the advice of two people who suggested that I try this with some personal things I’m working through and I decided it was a good plan for the yard too.  As you can see from the photos, I have a BIG job ahead of me.


This is the side of my garage and my plan was to clear out the ugly rocks, pull all the weeds and cut out the roots of the bushes and Rose of Sharon plants that used to be there but died (not my fault. ok, yes it was), place a new layer of the weed guard down and then put new red mulch. Then I thought that mulch just blows around and maybe I should invest in red pebbles or rocks.  My plan is to put a few large planters there with an azalea or a rose (can you put rose bushes in planters??) or just begonias. I really like peonies, so maybe some of those.   I’m choosing the planters over just putting them in the ground because of the digging in the dirt issue.  Is that wrong of me?  Should I just get over it and plant them in the ground?  I do want them to live (that would be a change for me.  I tend to kill all growing things)  Regardless of the “in the ground” or “planter” dilemma, I’m debating between the red mulch or the rocks.  Any input from the peanut gallery?


This is just opposite the picture above and is just around my deck.  Jose cut down a HUGE bush that was about 4 feet tall.  I am doing the same thing here…cleaning up the rocks, weeds and putting new weed guard and a layer or rocks or mulch.  Again, I’ll just put planters or nothing. I like the look of clean, pretty landscaping.  We’ll put some more solar lights out here to light up the yard and it should go a long way in making the back yard more appealing.

I’ll be back with “after” photos soon and then pictures of the next two sections.

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4 Responses to Backyard Before – Part 1

  1. gege says:

    correction……… and jason did not do the raking every week…….I seem to remember that you both did more leaning on the rakes than raking………..and I don’t remember it being a punishment, but rather a job that contributed to the fine establishment you were raised in.

    just another example of how differently children and parents remember things…………..

  2. Chris says:

    of course the parent doesn’t see it as punishment. It’s “character building”!

  3. Jen says:

    I too had the joy of yard work – my parents were Yard of the Year types, so there was ALWAYS more yard work to do. I used pots in LA, instead of in the ground stuff. It works ok, but you have to water more. Oh, have you tried using Hastas to fill some of the area? The return each year, they are hard to kill, and they are clean and green. They are a good base for the area, then add color with the pots….

  4. Val says:

    Punishment>]? I thought you were “helping”.

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