At Home Desk

Since I’ve shared pictures of my desk at school…here and here…it’s only fair to show my desk at home.  So here it is.  This is the general state of my desk, too.  Sometimes I have a cup or plate, but this is as neat as I can usually keep it. Don’t you love my use of boxes as a stacking element?

This is my favorite keyboard in the whole world and I’ve had it for almost seven years.  There are worn out spots where the heel of my palm rests.  I’ve been through a few of these keyboards including a black one where all the letters wore off.  After using an ergonomic keyboard for about ten years, it’s really difficult to type on a regular one now.


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One Response to At Home Desk

  1. Val says:

    Oh my goodness – I have the same keyboard (in black). I love it too.

    Your desk looks fantastic – I’m envious.

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