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I’ve been making my own version of tabbouleh for a few years.  It’s one of the only ways to ensure we’re getting enough veggies in on a regular basis.  This is a great way to use up whatever fresh veggies … Continue reading

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Backyard Before – Part 1

It’s Spring, which means it’s time to start clearing out all the dead things in my yard that have collected there since last summer.  This includes the cigarette butt collection from my Deck Goose courtesy of You Know Who (and … Continue reading

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Capri Pasta – Attempt 1

Today I decided to make one of the dishes I had in Italy last year.  It was penne with eggplant, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil. It was delicious (as was most of the food we had!) and I’ve been thinking … Continue reading

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New Twins!

My friend Stephanie had twins (Jack and Caroline) about 5 weeks ago, and today I finally got to visit them! And hold them. And squeeze them. And snuggle with them. It was a good day. They are great babies, very … Continue reading

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At Home Desk

Since I’ve shared pictures of my desk at school…here and here…it’s only fair to show my desk at home.  So here it is.  This is the general state of my desk, too.  Sometimes I have a cup or plate, but … Continue reading

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Weird Book Rituals

On Friday, I received the latest (and last) book in the Percy Jackson series: The Last Olympian.  I’ve been waiting for almost a year for this last book in the series.  I’m almost done with it and if I hadn’t … Continue reading

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Baby Shell Bechamel

This dish is another meal that I’ve copied from a restaurant.  There’s a quaint Italian place where I enjoyed many meals while in college.  I used to alternate between two dishes: rigatoni with ricotta and baby shells with tomato bechamel.  … Continue reading

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