Celtics vs Bulls – Game 4

We were miraculously able to get really good seats for this game by just attacking Ticketmaster the night the match up was decided.  I have no idea how these seats were still available, but we took them.  The seats were in Section 121 about 9 rows behind the Celtics bench.  We had the best view, it was amazing.

Jose and I both wore our Celtics shirts and we got some snarky remarks from people as we walked into the stadium, but there were a lot of other people wearing Celtics shirts, too.

celtics-bulls-game-4-009 celtics-bulls-game-4-008

Here come the Celtics!


Pregame stretches and warm-ups:

celtics-bulls-game-4-018 celtics-bulls-game-4-017 celtics-bulls-game-4-033

celtics-bulls-game-4-036 celtics-bulls-game-4-026 celtics-bulls-game-4-027

Pregame conference with Doc and the coaches.  They are looking over plays right now.


Rondo was brilliant, as he’s been for the entire series (and season), Scal was back in action (love that puffy headband) and Mikki Moore surprised me by getting only one foul. I predicted he’d foul out, but Perk and Scal took care of that for him.

celtics-bulls-game-4-058 celtics-bulls-game-4-074 celtics-bulls-game-4-072

celtics-bulls-game-4-058 celtics-bulls-game-4-055 celtics-bulls-game-4-103

When we got home we watched the game (it was tivoed) and found a few times where we were on TV and Jose took pictures of the TV.  They aren’t really clear, so we marked them to identify us better.  Click on each one to see it with better detail.

I think I’m taking a photo (or doing something weird with my hands) in this first one and Jose’s head is tilted rather unnaturally.


This is the one where you can most clearly see us.


Look how close we are!


There is a lady next to me in green, and no that is not an alien hovering over me, it’s just the guy behind me with his hands right over my head.


Ok, I’m not doing any play by play because…well…I can’t.  I enjoyed the game immenesly, it was terrific to see them look a little more human and real.  (They are humongous in person, I can’t get over how tall they are.)

Going to the game was a completely different experience from watching it on TV.  I missed the commentary (necessary for someone like me with limited basketball knowledge), and the replays, but the game flew by much faster than on TV.  I loved the energy in the stadium even though evil angry vibes were blasted at my team.  I would LOVE to see the Celtics play in Boston.  A goal for next year, I suppose!

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