Ketchup Chips

My treats from Montreal have arrived along with my Canadian friends.  I was very happy to spend time with Rob, Caroline, Zak and Kenzie this past weekend.  We were sorry to have missed Aby, but we’ll see her this summer.

When they come to visit, they bring me a bag of ketchup flavored potato chips.  I know they sound…interesting, but they are really good.  They are really tangy and you obviously have to like ketchup or you’ll hate the chips.  They look like BBQ chips, but taste completely different. I’m sending a bag to a skeptical college friend and am looking forward to seeing what he thinks about them.  (M.S. that’s your cue to comment at soon as you’ve tasted them.)

food-031 food-032 food-033

stay tuned for the maple cookie update in the near future.

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