Coming home to 27 pounds of chocolate!

A few months ago my sister talked me into signing up to do these “house parties” for different products.  They range from food related, beauty products, to TV shows and even cars.  Jacqi (the non-driver) had a Saturn sitting in her driveway for a few weeks!  You sign up when you see a product you are interested in and eventually you get an email saying you’ve been rejected (more often) or chosen (less often).  After that, you pick a day to host your party, invite a bunch of people and take photos of the celebrating and upload them to the House Party site.

The perks include a “party package” that usually includes coupons or samples.  I’ve signed up for a few of them over the past few months and have never been chosen.  About a month ago, I signed up to host  a party for Werther’s chocolate caramel candies.  To my utter surprise I was chosen to host a party.

I got my party package in the mail today.  It was a box weighing 27 pounds. Yeah, I was worried.


When I opened the box, I saw a blanket with the Werther’s logo, a stack of post-it notes, a sealed envelope that looked like it was stuffed with cash, and 5 cases of chocolates…dark and milk.


What to do first??  Of course I ripped open the cash-like envelope and found about a million coupons. Bummer.  Then we opened one of the boxes of chocolates, opened a bag of milk chocolate caramel candies and had a taste.  They are good, but nothing I’d devour in the middle of the night. I’d venture to say the chocolates are safe from me, however, I’ve already caught Jose hiding a bag or two in his book bag.  He claims they are for his friends at work.  Riiiight.

So don’t be surprised if you receive some chocolates from me. I have more than enough to share.  Taking requests for milk or dark chocolate starting…NOW!

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2 Responses to Coming home to 27 pounds of chocolate!

  1. Val says:

    Dark please.

  2. gege says:

    This is the first I heard of THIS ………….mmmmmmm wonder why……………
    MILK for me

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