Springfield, IL – Part 2

Here’s the lowdown on part 2 of the Great Springfield Experience…

We also visited the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum again.  I think this museum is amazing.  It’s small, but filled with a lot of great exhibits including two short, well done movies.  I was lucky enough to run into the Lincolns while I was there!


After the museum we walked to the “new” state capitol building.  It’s lovely.  I like the old one too, but we visited that one on the last trip to Springfield.

These are just a few photos from inside the Capitol building.

springfield-2009-087 springfield-2009-086 springfield-2009-085

After that, we walked to the old Lincoln neighborhood and took a tour of the Lincoln’s home.  I LOVE this kind of stuff.  Just the idea of being in a house where people lived over a hundred years ago gives me the chills.  In a good way. (assuming it’s not haunted. I would not like that experience)  The house, and neighborhood in general, is in amazing condition as you can tell from this street photo.


A few shots of the indoor toilet, if you can call it that, and the short bed for a very tall man.  How uncomfortable does that look? (see the bed pan down there??)

springfield-2009-123 springfield-2009-113

I had to take a photo of the crazy carpet and wall combo.  Apparently this was all the rage in Springfield during this era.  Check out the wallpaper in the photos above.  How did people not have seizures in their own homes?

I touched that doorknob…also touched by Lincoln.  (And about a million and a half tourists)

springfield-2009-106 springfield-2009-112

Ahh, the kitchen.  Much bigger than my own.  I love the layout of the items on the table.  This scene reminds me of a painting I’ve seen somewhere, possibly the Art Institute, but I can’t recall.  Either way, I’d like to frame this one.


Freshly popped caramel corn with pecans and a drizzle of coconut oil. Sampled while it was HOT!  It was delicious!


And so this brings me to the end of my trip to Springfield, IL. We had a great time.  It’s a good place to visit if you have 2-3 days.  It’s quaint, and comfortable and a great walking city.  You can get everywhere you need to go by walking or driving a short distance.  Lots of things to see, and eat.  Highly recommended.

I bid you adieu, Springfield…a city with a sense of humor.


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