European Doors

When I travel, I like to take pictures (our flickr collection is 5000+ photos!).  My favorite photo subjects are usually food or architecture.   This is a collection of European doorways, windows, gates and arches I’ve taken over the past few years.

I tried my best to match up locations with photos, but I make no guarantees. 🙂

Salzburg, Austria 2006
salzburg-austria-049 salzburg-austria-048 salzburg-austria-031

Rothenberg, Germany 2006
rothenburg-045 rothenburg-015 rothenburg-007
Prague, Czech Republic 2006
praguemadrid-185 praguemadrid-033

Oxford, England 2006
York, England 2006

Rome, Italy 2008
photo-338 photo-232
Pompeii, Italy 2008
Venice, Italy 2008
Florence, Italy 2008
I think that’s enough doors for now!  I do have more and they will probably show up here sometime soon.
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One Response to European Doors

  1. I really could do without the architecture. B-O-R-I-N-G…LOL

    Those doors are AWESOME! I am totally jealous of all of your travels.

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