Meatloaf Blues

Can someone please share a decent meatloaf recipe with me? I’ve tried at least 10 different recipes varying from ketchup based (too sweet), bbq based (weird), gravy based (my personal favorite, but it never tastes like grandma’s) and they are all just ok. Not terrible, but not spectacular either. Not like the mashed potatoes I made tonight with herb cheese spread instead of butter. They were beyond good. I used Alouette Garlic & Herbs flavor.

Uh oh, I just made myself sick looking at the calorie and fat facts. Ugh. Well, the potatoes were damn tasty and I’d do it again if they were special occasion potatoes.  Not to be confused with “Special Potatoes” which is my signature Christmas Eve side dish, AKA caramelized onion mashed potatoes. They take a LONG time to prepare and use a ton of butter, wine and about 5 large vidalia onions. Hence the Special Potatoes title, meaning I only make them once a year.

So back to the Alouette. I’ve been making a stuffed mushroom with this spread  too.  It’s super simple.  Remove the mushroom stem, fill the musroom cap with the cheese, roll the mushroom in an egg wash then in panko.  Bake for 35 mins at 350ish and voila.  They are a real crowd pleaser and oh so easy! Panko is my new secret weapon/best friend in the kitchen.  I’ve been using it for everything.  I made some fried chicken last week (not deep fried, I do care a little for my arteries) and it was soo crunchy and moist.

I’m going to make a horrendus literary seque right now and talk about the new cd I just purchased.  For as someone as into music as I am, how I missed the Robert Plant/Alison Krauss cd Raising Sand for the past 18 months (you know..the BLUEgrass-y one) I’m not really sure.  But in the week since I first heard of it and the 3 days since I recieved it, I’ve listened to nothing else.  It’s beautiful, different, and very entertaining. I was telling my friend Karen today that I’d use the word “soothing” to describe the overall feel of the cd.  I’ve been thinking about it more and I believe that “haunting” is a better word.   Maybe hauntingly soothing is what I’m trying to say?   If you’re interested, watch this:

Ok this was supposed to be a short blog post but I take too damn long to write.

Heading to bed.  (Stephanie, you better have bookmarked me)

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3 Responses to Meatloaf Blues

  1. Stephanie says:

    I did bookmark you! I am no help with a good meatloaf recipe, can you believe I’ve never made meatloaf?

  2. The reason you cannot make good meatloaf is because it is a CONTRADICTION IN TERMS. Blach…

  3. Val says:

    Hauntingly soothing??

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