Notes and Drawings From Students

Over the past 10 years, I’ve collected many items from students. A lot of notes, drawings and even some wonderfully creative items. Here are a few of my favorites. The students range in age from second grade through eighth grade.

This was from a student I taught for 5th and 6th grade at my first school. He was (is) very creative and expressive and made art out of anything. These are two sculptures he made me in 2000, one is my cat Billy (he’s suffered a few war wounds in my moves, two legs have broken off and his eyes are crooked) and the other is an eyeball.  The third item is my favorite. He made objects out of paperclips. I lost the black cat he made me, but the stingray was my favorite of all time. Creative, right?

These are a collection of thank you notes from students for our annual Read-a-thon fundraiser.  It’s quite obvious they all know of my love of eyeballs 🙂


I got this note after I achieved National Board Certification in 2007.


This is a drawing by a very talented 4th grade student.  This is definitely my kind of room: surrounded by books, a fireplace and cozy chair and a knight.

And my favorite kind of student appreciation…the wild pictures they draw of me.  I wish I could find my favorite one…where I’m standing on a table with electrocuted hair waving my hands in the air yelling “I LOVE BOOKS”.  I wasn’t aware that move was in my repertoire 🙂

Didn’t know I showed up at school looking like this….either.


And then, sometimes I get things like this one.  I had asked a class to write me a letter telling me about their favorite kinds of books.  This one still puzzles me.  I’ve shown it to everyone at school and while none of us can decipher what the student really means, it doesn’t really matter…it’s just funny.

and finally I’m going to show you something that is rarely seen…let alone photographed.  Are you ready?  The sight of this spectacle has been known to render my co-workers speechless.  Shield your eyes, peeps.

Here it is…my CLEAN and SPOTLESS desk!!!


Why…yes!  That is an eyeball frisbee-like thing behind my desk.

Here’s a close up of some of my eyeball paraphernalia.


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2 Responses to Notes and Drawings From Students

  1. Kim says:

    NO WAY! That is not your desk. Your desk doesn’t have a wood top!LOL

  2. Stephanie says:

    Those things from students are awesome. I love the kid who loves peniss books. What the heck is that?! I don’t think I’ve ever seen your desk (or mine) that clean!

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