It’s COLD!

We’re in the middle of an arctic blast!  We’ve had a lot of snow and even more days of cold temperatures. Thursday morning at 6am it was -9! and at 6pm it was -24 with the wind chill. Friday was even worse!  It was -31 in AM!

Here’s Jose all bundled up on Thursday morning wearing many layers of clothes!

This is our backyard. Most of this snow fell this week.

pictures-001 pictures-002
And this is the inside hinge of our back door!
It’s hard to believe, as I chitter-chatter while writing in the cold, cold basement, that at one point in my life I was never cold.  I wore shorts and skirts pretty much all year.  Was I crazy?  I’m freezing all the time now (thanks in part to my thyroid problem) but man I miss warmth.  Makes me want to move somewhere toasty.  Until I realize how much I hate the heat. (I’m roasting!  Heather, that’s for you) Even more than the cold.  Although, at this moment, it’s hard to remember how much I hate the summer.

Jose and I picked up Rob, Caroline and the kids from the airport Friday evening, on their return from Australia.  Here’s me and Mackenzie; she’s a year old already!!!  Aby and Zak were playing upstairs so no photos of them, this time.  I’m so happy…Caroline brought me ketchup chips and maple cookies from Montreal! yay!


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