The Evolution of a Living Room

After almost 6 years of various projects, things are finally starting to come together in the house.  Our upstairs living room is the first room that’s 95% completely done. Why 95% you ask?, well I still want to hang a tin ceiling and put in a overhead light/fan and do some crown molding, but I’m not sure when that’s actually going to happen.  If at all.

Enjoy the following photos:
The pre-purchase tour

The first paint color.  I really like red, and while it looked better in person than these pictures would indicate, the red never did complement the orange tones of the wood in the house.  Can you tell I like color? 🙂

the second wall color:

The “stored” furniture which belonged to the O’Tooles, our traveling friends. We cared for it while they were in England for two years.

the ripping up of the carpet (yikes! what caused THAT??) and the subsequent floor refinishing

and finally! our own furniture and finishing touches: Why yes, that is an alpaca in the corner.  Two, in fact.  BIG Alpaca is from Jose’s parents and Little Alpaca is from my friend Karen.  It’s shiny and has a jingle bell!

Photos of the new bookshelves and portion of my personal collection.  There is another bookshelf in another room.  And, yes, I have an obsession with cookbooks (shelf on the right) and that’s not even all of them!  I just got four new ones for Christmas and my birthday AND gave a boxful to GoodWill.

and finally, the Fu Dogs!  These statues belong to my step-mother’s family and for as long as I can remember, they were displayed in Dad and Val’s living room.  I used to be very scared of them when I was little and would make her put sheets over them at night.  Last year, Valerie mentioned that they were being stored in their basement and I immediately asked to keep them for a while until her brother can claim them.   Jason drove them back from PA buckled in the back seatbelts of his car! We really love them now, they are quite the conversation pieces and the cats love them!  Not to mention how fun they are to decorate for seasonal holidays!

I hope you enjoyed this episode of Amateur Home Decorator. Tune in for the next installment called “You want me to do WHAT with painters’ tape??”  Yes, the guest bedroom will be next.  Here’s a sneak peek!


Stay tuned,

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