Another birthday bites the dust

Alright, so now I’m 36.  I said that out loud, right?  It doesn’t feel as weird as I thought it would.  Seems like a long time since 20, though :).  Since it’s natural (for normal people) to reflect as time goes by, I was thinking about some memorable birthdays yesterday.

My 20th was terrific.  There were good friends (Kim, Bill, Sean, Jason and a guy skating on a iced pool with no pants on) and good times – Ed Debevic’s and my special birthday present: a hot pink toilet plunger, the aforementioned pants-less guy and an empty house where we all gathered to hang out.  No, nothing untoward or illegal happened, I’m pretty sure we were all too innocent at that time (at least I was!) and again surprisingly, no one needed anything other than fried food and sugar to act like idiots.

See evidence below:  These are Kim’s photos and I thank her for keeping them.

My 16th birthday was special, I was a junior in high school and I remember I got flowers from my dad. I’m not at all sure why my shirt is inside out, but that is my sugar cube corsage (yep 16 of them) that mom made me. I had to cut Kim out of the photo because she’s wearing something she forbade me to ever show and I didn’t have time to put the censor bars in the photo.  I kept my word.  See.

I think this was my 4th birthday. So many things wrong like my Little House on the Prairie bonnet, my brother’s crazy hair and why I look so sad?  Perhaps I knew this photo would resurface three decades later? Ice cream cone cupcakes!!!  YUM!

As seen in the above photos, I can say that mom always came through with birthday cakes until the year I got the dreaded cheesecake.  Imagine this conversation:

Mom:  I made your birthday cake!

Me: a cheesecake??  *insert grossed out face here*

Mom: YES! it’s your favorite!!

Me:  Umm no, that’s Jason’s favorite.  I’m the child of yours that HATES cheesecake.

Mom:  oh.  well.  sorry!!  Can you blow the candles out anyway and we’ll just eat it?

This year (aka yesterday) I got chocolate/chocolate cupcakes from Sweet Mandy B’s in Lincoln Park. no pictures…sorry.

Back to the birthday memories…for my 34th birthday two years ago, I treated mom, Jacqi and Valerie to a day at the spa.  That was a good day!  We went back to Jac’s house and she made me a taco feast and a tres leches cake.  It was the first birthday and Christmas since I can remember (ever??) that Dad and Val spent with all of us.  It was a very good time.

I’m done for now…it’s freezing in the basement and there is a nap to be had.
Merry Christmas everyone!

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One Response to Another birthday bites the dust

  1. Val says:

    I always loved you in bonnets.

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