Zoe’s Christmas

Zoe’s Christmas program was a few weeks ago and I’m just getting around to posting a few pictures.  Here are some with Uncle Jose and Uncle Jay-Jay.  Then she found a snowman friend and had some fun posing with him.

Zoe and Uncle Jose

Zoe and Uncle Jay-Jay

Zoe and Uncle Jay-Jay

Mom and I took Zoe to see Santa last weekend.  It was a balmy 55 degrees with 40mph winds so it still felt cold.  She was a little intimidated by Santa and while chatty outside, she was almost mute when actually near Santa and Mrs. Claus and the helper elf.

Zoe is going through that “I don’t want to take photos” phase and as a result, she make a weird crinkly-faced smile whenever she sees the camera (or turns her head as seen in this one).  I had to ask her to take a silly photo and then a nice one.  She came through…I love the “nice” one.  It’s my new favorite.

Zoe, Santa and Mrs. Claus

She looks a little shell shocked to me.

And finally, the Santa vidoes:

Merry Christmas!

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