Anniversary Dinner

Tonight we went to dinner at Morton’s The Steakhouse to celebrate our 8th anniversary (which technically is Tuesday the 28th).  Dinner was, as usual, delicious.  It’s always such a treat to have a nice, leisurely dinner.  At a dining table.  That takes longer than 15 minutes to eat.  Usually we eat downstairs on the couch, quickly so I can get wrapped in my couch cocoon (aka my down comforter) for nightly tv watching.  Normally, we’re big on photographing our food so we can remember it later or share the experience, but I’ve always felt weird about taking photos in nice restaurants.  So I don’t have any photos of the food to share tonight, but you can find pics here.

The General Manager took our photo and framed it for us…another nice touch.

Here’s a picture from our wedding in October 2000

and this one, which was taken in December 1997

Sorry about the dusty photos, but my scanner has some problems.

I also started working on the recipe index, and I’m hoping to get my recipes and how-to photos up shortly.  I am going to start small, so be patient.  The first one I’m posting is for tostones, which are twice-fried plantains.  YUM!  Jose’s done a lot of work on the back end of this page for me, so we have him to thank for it looking great.  🙂

Oh, and since I said I would be talking about exercise in this blog and I haven’t yet…I did walk on the treadmill this afternoon for 30 minutes…I did about 1.5 miles.  I hated every minute of it, but it wasn’t as terrible as I remembered.  My PLAN is to walk every morning at 5am (and still go to the gym 4 evenings a week for more cardio — bike or swimming).  We’ll see, tho I did manage to do it regularly for the 6 weeks before we left for Italy.

lots to do still tonight.


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2 Responses to Anniversary Dinner

  1. Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Ha….ppy Anniversary!

    (from the Flintstones)

  2. Val says:

    How beautiful!

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