Trip videos and other stuff

Hi peeps. Six months later, I’ve finally gotten around to posting the links to our Italy videos. Is anyone still checking in? Hello? Bueller…..Bueller? The link is to our flickr page; you can see each city and it will tell if there is a video posted there. Enjoy.

Anyway, I decided it was time to actually resurrect the blog since we are starting to plan for our B.S.T. (Big Summer Trip) Not sure where…we were thinking Germany, but Jose wants to revisit Prague (which I’d rather do in the winter…crazy I know, but I’ve already sweated all over Prague. not sure I want to do it again.)

We are thinking about maybe 3+ weeks in Europe this summer. Our thinking is that it will be easier to do all the traveling now, than pay for airfare again in two years or so. Of course, I have the time in the summer to devote to a long trip while Jose is limited by vacation days.

So far, our options include: renting an apartment in Germany for a few weeks and using it as a home base and renting a car (scary) or using trains to travel to different countries. Or a cruise (either ocean or rivers). Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. [From the 10 people or so who actually read this blog]

ok that’s it for now.

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