The idea behind Onward Cyclops

I’m sure you’re wondering what the heck that means, right?  Sadly, I have no answer that will make sense to you.  It’s just a phrase that we use a lot to describe something very wacky, cool, interesting…to us.  (We also think one day it will make a fantastic band name for someone.)  I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s much better than option number two, Flesh Wonton, which only a select few will truly understand. (right Jason and Chris A.?)

This blog originally started as our travel blog for our trip to Italy in March, but I feel the need to join the blogging nation so I’m branching out.  (ok truthfully, I just like to talk) I hope to make regular posts about all sorts of things, exercise, food, entertainment, and things that make me happy (Facebook, ice cream, napping just to name a few), things that make me think and basically as the “About” says, things that are all about me.

It is my blog after all.

Feel free to make comments, but the rule of thumb is “be kind or be anonymous” 😛 I’m the proud owner (for the next five years anyway) of  If anyone wants an email address, let me know.


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3 Responses to The idea behind Onward Cyclops

  1. Do mocking and inside jokes qualify as kindness or do I need o post anonymously?


    This is going to be fun!

    Want me to send some traffic your way?

  2. oops, it ate the t on the word “to”

  3. Chris says:

    traffic is good unless I’m in the car 🙂 Kindness is as kindness does. Thank you Momma Gump 🙂

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