Capri Part 2

Our day today started of with rain and disappointment — the Blue Grotto was closed due to bad weather. The good news was that we could go back to the room and plan our day better while waiting out the rain. Here are some pics of our room. It was recently redone, very simple and clean. The tile in the bathroom was very nice. The only problem (and it was a small one) was that the walls were paper thin and you could hear a lot of noise 24 hours a day. We had a terrace with a lovely view, but it was raining most of the time we were in Capri so we didn’t get a chance to use it.
photo 113

photo 154

photo 157

photo 003

We stopped at a bakery and bought some pignoli (pine nuts) and lemon cookies to eat at the top of the mountain. (I also had a lemon gelato for second breakfast!)
photo 011

photo 013
We got on the bus to Anacapri and once there, we bought tickets for the chairlift to Monte Solare, the highest point on the island.
photo 021
The sky had cleared, but there was still a bit of haze and fog. The chairlift is a single person ride – 12 minutes to the top. It works just like a ski lift, you jump on and then jump off at the end. They have a 150 seats so if there’s a line, it moves quickly. We didn’t have a line so we were able to get going right away. The ride up the mountain is beautiful and peaceful. I took a few pictures of gardens and interesting things. (in the summer months there is an abundance of lost shoes along the way – I didn’t see any today)
photo 023

Do you notice that Jose is riding the lift with the safety bar up instead of down?  He thought it was supposed to stay that way because the guy didn’t flip it down all the way when he hopped on.  Yikes!!

photo 026

photo 032
Here are a few pictures of the views from the top. You can see both cities (Capri and Anacapri) and the Faraglioni Rocks, a symbol of Capri. (Our pics aren’t that clear, so here are some nicer ones)
photo 036

photo 038

photo 054

Last summer, I saw a Food Network special about Giada deLaurentis going to Capri. This pretty much fueled this portion of our trip. The island looked lovely and the food looked incredible. She visited a restaurant her family ate at whenever they were in Capri and she demonstrated how to make the signature caprese ravioli. So of course we had to have lunch there!  When we got to La Capannina, we were the only people eating at the time, but that meant we had everyone in the place at our disposal. The main waiter was so polite and friendly. He came to talk to us about the weather and apologized for the cold. He mentioned that this Easter was colder than last Christmas!
We had a delicious antipasti of fried mozzerella and zucchini – yum
photo 091
Ravioli alla Caprese – so far, this is my favorite thing I’ve eaten in Italy. It was so fresh, simple and flavorful. delizioso!
photo 093
tagliatelle alla bolognese
photo 095
After lunch, we walked through Capri-town and just window shopped and had more gelato!
photo 097
Look at these lemons?!?
photo 090
Capri made limoncello – Jose had some at lunch and it was more lemony than the one he had in Florence, but still quite kick-y
photo 137
Doors all over Capri are marked with these doorbells —
photo 040

It was now about 2 o’clock and that meant –time for a nap!!! So we went back to the inn and took a short nap. We were going to visit the gardens of Tiberus Augustus that are quite lovely, but they weren’t open when we stopped by. We’ll try again 107

photo 106
After our nap, we went for another walk to the gardens and they were still closed, it was raining again though, so we probably wouldn’t have gotten nice pictures anyway. We walked through town again, stopping at the bakery for more lemon cookies! Here are some pictures taken at the end of the town, where the funicolare drops you off. The sun was starting to set.
photo 130
Ettore, the inn keeper, gave us a dinner recommendation for a place called Pulalli. It was upstairs above the main square (see the staircase in the upper left…right up one more flight)
photo 115
We had a terrific dinner, again, the only people in the place. — but none of the surrounding places had a lot of people eating either.  Maybe we were early; either that, or the Caprian, Caprese people are vampires and don’t eat food!
Jose had risotto with seafood and it was very tasty.
photo 147
I had pennette with eggplant, tomatoes and mozzarella – wow this was good!
photo 148
For our secondi piatti, Jose had veal with a balsamic reduction (I was concerned about this because he doesn’t really like vinegar {seriously — I KNOW) and it was a vinegar sauce, but it was also excellent. It had shavings of parmiggiano reggiano cheese and rocket lettuce (all the rage in Italy, apparently)
photo 150
I had chicken limone (again, famous for the lemons!!) and it was very very good.  We also had potato croquettes, which were INCREDIBLE. They were so light and fluffy and tasted very good. I think my grandma used to make these, but I am not sure — Mom or Dad or Val can anyone confirm? I asked the waiter how they were made and he said with boiled potatoes, then mashed with pieces of proscuitto and mozzarello and then breaded and lightly fried. These were like pillows of tasty-ness. I would really like one now.
photo 152

well, I guess I’ll sign off and dream of potatoes —not the first time I’ve done that, btw 🙂 Traveling to Roma tomorrow and we’ll update when we get there.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    No Blue Grotto…………you must try again……hope you are bringing home lots of ‘doggie bags’…because you know we can make all that stuff.

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