Capri Part 1

Today we traveled to Capri via Rome and Naples. The train portions were fine, just busy and a lot of getting up and down to let people in the seats next to us. Rather uneventful. We didn’t have time for breakfast because we left Venice so early that we were literally starving when we got to Roma Termini. We had an hour before our next train left so we tried to find something to eat at the station. Both sit down restaurants were packed and the lines were long. That left only McDonalds. I know….but we had to eat something. Let me start off by saying that I truly love a well-made Big Mac. love love love. The (McDonald’s) food we had in Rome was not well-made. I’d go as far as saying if our McDonald’s tasted like the Rome McDonald’s, I’d never eat it again.

We got back on the train to Naples and arrived on time. Naples is not a clean or reasonably nice city. It looked seedy and scary and there were piles of trash all along the streets. People ignore red lights and walk where ever they want. The cab driver kept looking at me cringing in the back seat and saying “its ok, its ok, safe safe” as he weaved into oncoming traffic and aimed for pedestrians in the way. To be fair, he did give them a warning honk. I am fairly certain that for part of the ride to the harbor, we were on the wrong side of the road. The twenty five minutes we spent in Naples was more than enough. There is a HUGE castle just next to the main harbor that is quite impressive, but I can’t imagine wanting to stay around to take a tour. I know that sounds harsh, but Naples is not really tourist friendly.

We boarded the huge ferry to Capri (it held cars in the lower part) and climbed to the second level. There were about 200 seats up here. The weather was not pleasant, it was storming and the sea was choppy. The next hour was horrible. I won’t brag, but I do pretty well on boats, I like the water (just not the stinging, biting things living in the water) but this was a disaster. The boat was rocking up and down and side to side and we were having to hold on to our seats to stay in them. It felt like we were on a horse not a boat. You know it’s bad when a crew member falls down. The janitor fell over while changing the garbage bag. Now seriously, couldn’t he have chosen a better time than that to change a smelly rotting garbage can? People are rolling around in the aisle crying out for Jesus and this guy is wrestling with a damn garbage bag??? About 20 minutes into the ride, I started looking around for the bathroom, but I knew I would never make it. Eventually I calmed down enough and was only visibly nauseous (instead of visibly and audibly). Poor Jose never likes boats because he once took a school trip on a cruise during a tropical storm and spent more time in the bathroom than eating. If I had felt better, I would have taken a photo of him on this boat ride. Picture him leaning with his head pressed all the way back into the seat, sweating like a pig and crying for his mommie. Oh wait, that was me.

So after a long hour, we arrived in Capri! yip.e. I could have been in the Garden of Eden and cared less at this moment. Now I know how the Pilgrims felt when they landed at Plymouth Rock. After we were outside and sucked in huge gulps of air (and boat diesel) we started walking toward the funicolare (the tram up to Capri — no pics –sorry I was not yet together – check that link for now)

We got our tickets and waited in line for the funicolare to arrive. There was a huge white dog waiting near us. As the doors opened the dog followed Jose into the cabin and laid down underneath our seat. Cute.
foto 309
Capri is lovely, but hilly. Thankfully, we didn’t have to walk too far to find our hotel. We got settled in — the room is very white and sterile, but that’s ok; the bathroom has really nice tiling.
photo 007
We did not want to relive our last evening in Venice with no dinner, so we headed out right away to find somewhere to eat. We chose a restaurant based on the menu options. It was a bit fancier than we usually choose, but we weren’t sure how late the places were open. Dinner was an experience. I disliked the service — a few waiters descending on you at different times, pushing wine and food options and hovering too much. I was secretly hoping the food would not be that good. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t complain. The food was excellent! We had insalata Caprese (how could we not???) with the best tasting mozzarella! – Check out that shiny plate!
foto 312
Jose had an amazing pasta with shrimp, no kidding the best tasting shrimp I have ever had. They were sweet and juicy and W.O.W. tasting.
foto 313
I had ravioli with a lemon cream sauce that was delicious too. (Capri is known for their lemons – so I had to have lemon!)
foto 314
We walked back through town and everything had closed for the night. It was still drizzling and cold, so we headed back to the room to update the blog and get to sleep early. Tomorrow, we are planning on going to the Blue Grotto if the weather is good, and the chairlift to Monte Solare in Anacapri.

Buona notte!

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2 Responses to Capri Part 1

  1. Steve Ballmer says:

    I hated Napoli myself!

  2. Valerie says:

    This was a FUN read. I laughed and cried and laughed some more. Thank you for taking me on your vacation. I’m “kvelling”.

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