Florence Part 1

Today it was raining and COLD…a good ten degrees colder than we thought. Early afternoon, we walked a good deal around the Duomo and went to the Accademia to see “David” and his gargantuan right hand. But first…the FOOD
Streets of Florence

We had a sandwich at this hole in the wall place called I Fratellini that has been around since 1875.Ā  They were tasty sammies. Jose had prosciutto and mozzarella and I had salami and mozzarella. They are just bread and a little filling, not meant to be a lunch, but more of a snack. We were so full, though that we didn’t eat anything else (except dessert….keep reading)
prosciutto & mozzarella + salami & mozzarella

They were 2.50 euros each, very affordable. They have 29 kinds, and we will probably go back tomorrow to try another kind. It’s a little window shop in the middle of an alley doing some incredible business, as seen in the photo below.
Line outside

On the way to the Accademia, we stopped for some gelato. Chocolate and panna cotta, which was delicious -tasted like caramel custard. We couldn’t resist. OK, I couldn’t resist. šŸ™‚

More gelato...

Panna cotta gelato

Once we arrived at the Accademia, we were able to bypass the lines because we made a reservation as we were leaving the inn. This was a good thing, because it started to rain and there was no cover.
Line outside the Accademia

We entered through the line on the left and on the right is the line for “no reservations” that goes around the building and down the block.

After about two hours, we left the Accedemia and the rain was coming down harder so we stopped into a shop to have hot chocolate and a Nutella waffle. The hot cocoa was very thick, and not too sweet. It was very rich.
Hot chocolate & nutella waffle

The waffle? well what can you say about a warm waffle and Nutella?? Delizioso!
Nutella waffle

We are heading out to dinner soon, so I’ll post more later. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a bit warmer and not so rainy.


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2 Responses to Florence Part 1

  1. Mia Favicchio says:

    Greetings from Chicago aka Winter Wonderland…so happy you are enjoying your extravaganza! Everything looks delicioso…I laughed my potootie off reading your account of the movie screen on the back of the airplane seat!! Wish I’d been there…well, enjoy. Can hardly wait for tomorrow’s menu! Ciao.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Yes, it is snowing here in IL. No fun at all! I’d take rain in Italy any day! That food, again, looks amazingly delicious! I want that gelato…can you bring some home for me? šŸ˜‰

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