Prague Part 2

August 2006

Prague is a great city. It has beautiful architecture and delicious food and some interesting attractions. We really enjoyed our visit to Praha and are looking forward to returning. I’d like to go in the winter to see the city covered in snow, but apparently Prague is REALLY cold in winter. We experienced some very warm days, but they were manageable.

Prague has an incredible town square. You walk through an alleyway filled with shops leading you to Old Town Square.

and finally you break out into the clearing and this was what you see:

Isn’t that incredible?  This moment was definitely a “take your breath away” moment!

More panoramic Old Town Square photos! look at the colors! no cookie cutter buildings here!
Prague has a working astronomical clock. Here’s a close up…
Ok moving on…From Town Square you can make your way to the Charles Bridge which leads to the other part of Prague. You must cross the river to get to Prague Castle. The movie xXx with Vin Diesel was filmed in Prague and it’s worth watching just to see the city. They have a very wild chase scene at the end involving motorboats and this bridge. This is a walking bridge and cars are not allowed to drive across. Many artists set up shop along the bridge and will do caricatures and portraits while you wait. Some sell jewelry or other items.
If you look at the top right you can see the castle. One cannot visit Prague without seeing the Prague Castle! The bad news is that you have to walk up a very steep hill to get there. I know this picture doesn’t look too steep, but this is the bottom portion and it gets worse as the road zig zags up the hill. I will say that however long it takes you to get to the top, it is VERY worth the view!

This is the trip up the hill…
…and down!
Watch “The Illusionist” and you’ll see this castle a few times. Some of this movie was filmed in Prague and other Czech cities.

This particular photo op took about 5 pictures to perfect. I’m sure Jose contributed to the bad reputations Americans have in other countries. People were waiting patiently to take a photo of this statue, but we had to get it right! See the guy in the bottom corner…yeah he’s not annoyed.

St. Vitus Cathedral is built entirely inside the castle grounds. It’s HUGE.joined3
Jose is standing in front of the large church doors
This is part of the castle — on the right edge of the photo is the cathedral.
This photo was taken along the stairs leading to the castle. It was a long, hot walk! I didn’t want to think about walking back down, yet!!

On our second day in Prague, we took a trip to the “Bone Church” in Kutna Hora. While this was not MY favorite part of the trip, it was quite interesting nonetheless. Here are some photos taken inside the church. The story of the Bone Church is very interesting and you can find some more information (like WHY there is a church with the bones of 40,000 people inside) about it here.
I’ll leave you with these lovely bone church pictures. It’s something you should definitely see if you ever travel to Prague. It wasn’t as creepy inside as I thought it would be. **note that it HAS been almost two years since I was there**



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  1. Stephanie says:

    You are on your way to Italy right NOW! I can’t wait to see pictures and hear all about it!!! Have fun!

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