Madrid, Spain

Jose and I visited Madrid, Spain in August 2006. We spent three HOT but beautiful days there.

Our first day started with a delicioso breakfast of cafe con leche and tortilla de patatas

After breakfast, we toured the Royal Palace which was just beautiful.

We were waiting outside for the ticket window to open and we had been drinking a lot of cold water, when we discovered this icy treat – a limon granizado!
Thank goodness this isn’t our Thanksgiving table! I know it’s dark…can’t use a flash in the Royal Palace –sorry!

Madrid was undergoing a LOT of construction while we were there. Dumpsters, cranes, and workers were everywhere we went. It was a little distracting to the beauty of this city. Even with the dumpters in the foreground, I love the view down this street, tho.


This area had these incredible sails covering the street so that shoppers could have some shade. It was outrageous.

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One Response to Madrid, Spain

  1. Bill Austin says:

    My daughter has been over to Madrid twice so far, once during Summer School and once this past Summer. I am getting jealous, her twice and now you.

    I used to like the limon granizado but have become allergic to citrus recently.


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