Small Car ….BIG Trip

In the summer of 2006, I flew to England to visit my friends Rob and Caroline and their two kids – Aby and Zak. (Jose flew out two weeks later to join us)

I was going to be visiting for a month and we jam-packed the entire trip. When it was all said and done, I had been to England, France, Belgium, Germany and Austria in about two weeks. Even more incredible, we drove from a London suburb to southern Germany in THIS vehicle.

Dover - 003

YES that’s right…all FIVE…5…yes FIVE of us – traveling at high speeds on the autobahn in a Peugot.
Dover - 004

Regardless of the tight spaces, we had a great time. We visited friends of Rob and Caro’s in Germany. We toured Nurenberg — Check out the “old” reflection on the “new” building.

Dover - Forcheim - Nuremberg 080

Good Friends – Zak, Aby, Rob, Caro, Christian and Elke
Forchheim part 2 006

Forchheim part 2 007

…. Back in the car and on to Schloss Neuschwanstein for a night.
Neuschwanstein 012

and shouldn’t all castles have a satellite dish? (look carefully)
Neuschwanstein 062
We had dinner at a local restaurant. I had jager schnitzel and spaetzel and it was delicious!
Neuschwanstein 111

Our travels continued to Berchtesgaden to see the Eagle’s Nest. This was an amazing view. Honestly, words cannot describe how amazing it was – or how small you felt up on the top of that mountain! We took a scary (but exhilarating) bus ride up a windy mountain roads– you can see a wider portion of it here

Eagles Nest 051

We crossed over the Austrian border and toured Salzburg.

Salzburg, Austria 005

and saw some InCreDibLe pretzels!!! wowie
Salzburg, Austria 044
Eventually, we made our way back to England (via a pit stop in Brugge for a Belgium fry and waffle run in our pjs)
Brugge, Belgium 019

Brugge, Belgium 021
Whew — that’s it for tonite –

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  1. valerie says:

    Oh my goodness Christine – FOOD????

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